sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2011

KEN WILBER & RAQUEL TORRENT, having great moments together ¡¡¡

Since I red KEN WILBER's first book in 1989, I just felt in love with the man and his soul.  His ideas and ways of expressing them were my own (at the beginning)  and therefore I felt our hearts beating at the same pace of consciousness and evoltuion.  I knew I was not the only one and knowing him in person was something like impossible.  I started to dream about the day in which I coul tell him how much I admired his work, as me being a psychologist that uses his Integral Theory in my own everyday, Integral Practice and my own private classes and consultations, it was a real privilege and honour to know one of the masters that guided my conscious development.  This is what Ken  elicited in me and in many people that read his books. 
Finally I had the opportunity to develop a wonderful and mystical friendship with Ken. I have seen him four times in person in his home of Denver, interexchange many mails and talked to him many times over the phone.  In fact I'm his translator in Spanish during the Spanish Integral Conferences since 2003,  sooooo I can say that my dream has been greatly fulfilled through  his generosity and love.  I would have liked also more physical closeness...  if he would have been single ... :-) LOL.   

Now, and thanks to the technology, Ken & I can be together as a couple (on the dance floor and the sport gym at least) in the virtual world (on top of the spiritual world as he says) and therefore I'm please to share with you this cybernetic togetherness that has been borned from the love and happiness he provokes in my life and the life of many others.Thanks a lot Ken.  


He has seen this videos as a Xmas present and love them ¡¡¡  Hope you enjoy them too ¡¡¡. They are full of fun and humour. Have such a joy as mine when I created them ¡¡¡¡  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 :-)