jueves, 23 de abril de 2020


(from Findhorn Foundation)

In 1962 Eileen Caddy, her husband Peter and their friend Dorothy Mc.Lean had such a great, deep and outstanding trascendental experience (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/228239.The_Magic_Of_Findhorn) that ended up in the creation of a huge project at the Northeast of Scotland, close to Inverness.  This project that now has almost 60 years of existance:  "The Findhorn Foundation" an echovillage based in the development of Spiritual Consciousness, Community life and integrated living,  attracted so many people that it has become one of the world icons of sustainability, deep Nature interconnection, human coexistence and conscious work with subtle worlds and psychological and transpersonal development. 
https://cdn.bigdash.community/40da110f-b146-488e-89d9-780ef033d261/Findhorn Foundation members 

In this last dimension, Joy Drake, one member of the Findhorn Community created in 1986 a game of consciousness thinking in the people that couldn't make it to Scotland. A board game that fueled by a personal "Purpose" had three main sets of cards: Insights, Setbacks and Angels (representing the virtues or qualities that would help with the unfolding of the purpose) as well as Universal Feedback and the main square named "Transformation square".

Joy drew each angel and meditated in each card, ending up in a channelled tool for personal and transpersonal discovery that soon began to be part of the monthly individual and collective check up of the Community's members.
"The game in a box" was the first name that Joy gave to her creation.  Then an american visitor to the Foundation:  Kathy Tyler, saw the great depth of such a game and helped Joy to commercialize it.  They called it "The Transformation Game".  Mery Inglis and Judy Mc Allistair, Findhorn members like Joy, became facilitators/focalizers of the Game and started helping Joy and Kathy in the process of distributing the game throughout the world as well as forging new focalizers that could guide the Game for others.   Today thousands of facilitators  around the globe (myself included - in fact the first in my country, Spain) use The Transformation Game in its multiple variations (for small or large groups, for enterprise decisions and for Planetary state and future vision). 
https://cdn.bigdash.community/5e8c1639-955e-4235-8aaa-2dc04050c046/UL: Joy Drake, UR: Kathy Tyler, LL: Mery Inglis,
LR:  Judy McAlistair
Is about this latter,  "The Planetary Game" that I want to speak today. 
As many other courses or events that were programmed for the months of March, April or May, the "Planetary Transformation Game" was dismissed and didn't take place at the Universal Hall of the Findhorn Foundation which is where it's generally played, a beautiful architectural building with a transparent dome.  On the contrary the four mentioned "presenters" of the Planetary Game -as they want to be called- generously offered -free of charge- what is called "The Next Steps", which is the shortest version of the Transformation Game for a given purpose. 
120 people from all over the world connected through Zoom were actively conscious witness of  the drawing of just 4 cards of each deck that would represent the response for the following purpose having meaning for each of us individually and collectively as human race: 

               Engaging with the Emerging Future
We intend to settle into the grace and strength of our essential identity,  step into whole-hearted engagement with the Soul of the World and the Soul of Humanity
and activate new patterns of relationship that serve the whole earth community.

A key insight for a direction to take: 
You did it!
Service with a smile.
Service with no strings.
Gain 1 Service Token now.   (In the Transformation Game to have 1 service token helps to pass from one level to another - There are: Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual levels).
Awareness Token: Softness  (In the TG is like a prize that one gets with some + cards) 
A setback or challenge that may need to
be dealt with: 
You are set back by your frustration on your present level.
Take 2 pains
An inner resource to help clear the setback: 
You didn’t get caught in the merry-goround of pleasant distractions but completed the task at hand with focus and patience.
Gain 3 Awareness Tokens:  BeingResponsibility and Alternatives
And an Angel to support and inspire: 
Even though I could write a lot more about the deep meaning of each of the cards I find that I do not need to do so as you as a conscious community will understand as the cards are going to be self explanatory for you as one can take them for personal comprehension and guide in this confinement situation (or even in the death of a loved one or having the present sickness) or we can apply it and give significance at a large stand, understanding the height and depth, therefore the Altitude of the response to the proposed PURPOSE !!!
I was very very touched by the whole process (and that is why I want to share it with you my Chartres Community and UU friends) and was thrilled by each one of the cards being the Angel card of Expentancy the one that showed me the Reality in which we all are right now. We're awed in front of a present box -that reminds me of the "Chartres Dreams"- that we do not know what it contains.  We're pregnant with the Expentancy of a new seed with the same uncertainty of a coming birth, the birth of a new Humanity, of a new me, a new you.