domingo, 22 de julio de 2012


Picture from Andrew Cohen web page
Evolutionary Enlightenment is the name 
of the new book from Andrew Cohen, the guru that has moved the western world 
into a new consciousness of spirituallity. 

During two decades he's been teaching various concepts out from his own experience and meditation, integral consciousness included.  He has written several books and has been the founder and editor of What's Enlightenment magazine and now Enlightment Next.  

He also did the series with Ken Wilber named "The Guru and the Pandit" that for some reason are not yet released into a book form. Only in June they have been presented as some Internet format series for initiates.   In Spain Wilber's  translator, David Gonzále-Raga reports that has the translations of the converstaions among Andrew Cohen (the guru) and Ken Wilber (the pandit) since a long time but says that  there is some kind of set back from the editors or Andrew himself (because when I asked Ken Wilber , he said that he has given his permission for publication a long time ago). The spanish editor of all Ken Wilber's publications (23 books in spanish):  Editorial Kairós, is ready for publishing these extraordinary talks that for the spiritual and integral community and also for every one that is interested in evolutionary conciousness are a real gift. 

Meanwhile for the english speaking community, this new release from Andrew will clarify theis new approach to spirituality and integral development (vertical and horizontal).