miércoles, 9 de enero de 2013

INTEGRAL EUROPE 2nd meeting in BUDAPEST . In English

INTEGRAL EUROPE 2nd meeting.  In June 2012 in the city of Berlin, 21 people that represented 14 countries were gathered, answering the call of Dennis Wittrock to bring together the European countries that were working with Integral Theory.  

 I have just come from Budapest-Hungary, where Bence Ganti (member of the INTEGRAL EUROPE board created in Berlin) invited the four other members of the board  to have a real physical encounter after having been working for six months through Skype every fifteen days.

What it was going to be a board meeting, ended up being the second INTEGRAL EUROPE big encounter, where representatives of each country have had five minutes through Skype to introduce themselves and tell the more than 50 Hungarians (plus the five members of the board -in person at the meeting-) about their integral activities.   KEN WILBER was also present through telephone call and also TERRY PATTEN, creator of Integral Life Practice and very well known among the integral circles as Integral Spirituality teacher, through video call.

Two interesting aspects of this second gathering in Budapest, on top of Ken and Terry's collaboration, were, firstly: that the event was cybernetically held by Integral Village, an integral internet service offered by Ian Mc Donald, member of Integral Europe – England;  and secondly, the presence and recognition as new members of  INTEGRAL EUROPE of two new countries: Bulgaria and Portugal. The first country was represented by my dearest Mihaela and Simeon (with which I have teach in Bulgaria) that came by bus to the venue on a 10 hour ride. They shared about their more than six years of dedication to teaching Integral Theory and the existence  of their Integral Center in Sofia. The second country, Portugal , was represented by Ivo Banaco that due to some technical problems transmitted his presence in the Integral world trough chat writing.

It was a historical encounter, not only for being the second one, for using a modern tool for connecting and for having Ken and Terry join in, but also because Ken announced that seeing the interest and entitlement that INTEGRAL EUROPE has as an emerging organization among europeans, Integral Institute (now run by Ken and Clint Fuhs) has decided to create the first branch of the Institute outside the United States, precisely in Europe and under the leadership of Bence Ganti (one of the members of INTEGRAL EUROPE). This is great news as both organizations will collaborate together in the establishment and development of integral contents and practices. ¡¡¡ Congratulations Bence, and thanks for a wonderful blessed meeting in Budapest ¡¡¡
Raquel Torrent