jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012


This is a message from Deborah Boyer, the person that has the Administrative Role in Holacracy One.

Hi Raquel,
We totally appreciate your passion and desire to bring Holacracy into the Spanish-speaking world, Raquel!  I'll address the questions from your email exchanges with Brian (below), and offer my responses.  If I overlook anything, or if reading my message brings up more questions or reflections, please don't hesitate to ask!

Licenses to use the Holacracy™ trademark and intellectual property to market, sell, or deliver workshops or professional consulting services are available to organizations -- not individuals.  An organization wishing to sell and deliver Holacracy services to its clientele must first either become a Licensed Holacracy Provider (LHP), or partner with HolacracyOne or another LHP firm to receive their guidance and support on the engagement. Candidate organizations must include at least two members and must organize themselves using the Holacracy operating system -- in other words, they must practice Holacracy.  As a benefit and a requirement of the license, the licensee doubly-links with HolacracyOne’s Licensing Circle, which governs the licensing program and provides guidance and support for licensees.

LHPs must use certified individuals to sell and deliver Holacracy consulting services and introductory workshops.  The path toward individual certification is detailed at http://holacracy.org/individual-certification-program.  Here are the next steps you would take, in sequence:
1.  Attend a Practitioner Certification Training.  As we discussed in our recent correspondence, we have one coming up in Europe this October:  http://holacracy.org/events/certification-training-europe-2012-10.  While we do not offer scholarships, we would be happy to explore payment plans that would be gentle on cash flow and make it possible for you to attend.  
2.  Complete our Holacracy Certification Assessment to become a Certified Holacracy Practitioner (CHP) -- see "Level 1:  Certified Holacracy Practitioner" at http://holacracy.org/individual-certification-program.
3.  Attend the Coach Certification Training.  We have one coming up in Philadelphia this September that you can read about to get a feeling for the event. We'll probably offer a Coach Certification Training in Europe sometime in 2013 (location and dates not specified or scheduled); feel free to indicate your interest and location preferences in this survey:  http://holacracy.org/forms/coach-training-interest-survey.
4.  Complete the Coach Certification Assessment process in order to become a Certified Holacracy Coach (CHC) -- see "Level 2:  Certified Holacracy Coach" at http://holacracy.org/individual-certification-program.
5.  This step could happen at any point along the way -- at the beginning or at the end.  Join or form a Licensed Holacracy Provider organization; this requires a minimum of two people.  Tom Thomison, Lead Link to our Licensing Circle, would be happy to have a conversation about that with you as you approach readiness.  For an outstanding conversation about the LHP program from our Community of Practice, please see http://www.holacracy.org/resources/scaling-holacracy-across-organizations-the-lhp-circle.  This is one of my all-time favorite resources from the CoP; I hope you find it as inspiring and enjoyable as I did!  For a list of current LHPs, please see http://holacracy.org/licensed-providers.  
You also asked about ways to bring Holacracy to organizations.  The topic is so rich and nuanced that we devoted an entire series to it in our Community of Practice:  http://community.holacracy.org/topics/selling-holacracy.  You can download each of those conversations, and many more on all kinds of issues related to your questions, by taking our free 30-day trial at http://community.holacracy.org/.
For example, these discussion threads and archived calls would also pertain:
In terms of our client list, please see http://www.holacracy.org/faq/do-you-have-any-case-studies
It's a lot to digest, yes?  Please let me know if there's anything unclear, or anything you'd like to explore further.  Again, thanks so much for your interest and dedication, Raquel.
Warmest regards,