domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011


As I won't stop to be in construction, as I construct reality day by day with the bricks of what my own perception makes with the things that occur to me (as I know everybody does), let's say that what I want to comment is what has already happened in my present life.  

I've come to live in an area of Alicante where finally Nature is close because I see it, I smell it and I feel it.

Now starts my new walk around the shops and establishments (academical and non accademical) to distribute my publicity that with such a dediction and care I've created in order to offer my knowledge and expertise, my intuitions and resources in the form of translation of scientifical, comercial and accademical  texts as well as interpretation services for business or personal meetings, congresses or conferences, as I can do it simultaneously, consecutively or whispering.  I also offer integral individual, group or couple therapy, as well as ontological coaching or transpersonal guidance that I myself  have experienced during many years.  I offer silence to find the body, the emotions, the mind and the soul in the form of personal and professional development courses, meditation groups, body work (yoga, tai-chi, biodance, body expression, eutony), emotional unblocking and cognitive reestructuration because working with Conciousness is to create silence within the cells in order to be able to connect with the gene of peace in each level and line of expression. ¡Ahh, and I even sing and recite poems¡

 The novelty in all this, as wide as the offer may seem is that now I also make therapy through Internet or like the fashion calls it "On-Line Therapy" as it is important to be updated with the new technologies.  I myself am surprised because even though I have more than 20 years experience in therapeutical work I never thought that a machine could offer such a good service.  The camera, the sound and the good disposition of both parties that desire such a type of encounter make that the result be optimal.  I even have consultancy with people in Dubai and Switzerland ¡¡¡.  If anyone want to try it please connect.
Life is a wonderful and unique experience so let's keep it up ¡¡¡


In 2008 the book "The Secret" became a worldwide best-seller because it was telling us how to be happier, better and also how to be more successfull in life.  And all that in a very clear, amusing and convincing manner. The book itself was not a great book neither was a deep or very well written book.  Only for the people of the New Era was considered almost as sacred.  The thruth is that it went around the world and changed the life of many. 

Now Simone Segal gives us the Gift of reading his fluent and simple wisdom to carry life in a more positive manner.  Her thoughts are deep yet easy to understand and easy to follow in its kind pace and rythm.  I met Simone in a very coincidental manner as the most sacred things happen just one year ago, and we've become the best friends now, as her beauty of heart and great soul make of her a poem of her own.

Although I had red the Secret and was not impressed at all, yes there was an interest for the "law of attraction" which the Secret was claiming to introduce (whenever it was older than eating).  The thing is that  the book of Simone (based on the law of attractions) served me as a simple balsam and push toward  the well-being during the first three difficult months of my moving here to this area.  Her fluent and inspired writing, her wide knowledge about the proposed themes of the 40 poems of the book did served me as a real daily boost as I got used to read 3 or 4 poems every morning with my breakfast like if it would be (and it was) a real nourishment for the soul.  Therefore for all you that may read english or would like to learn the language, i don't see any better way than buying this fantastic book "The Gift" with the subtitle "If only you knew" from Simone Seagal.  I herewith leave you its link so you can start glimpsing a little bit of his work  as I do highly recommended precisely for its inocence, freshness and simpleness; qualities that go directly to the heart and soul of the reader.   




I herewith leave you with the link that will connect you to the Ken Wilber's video on the three Epystemologies of Science:  Paradigms (Thomas Khun),  Empiric and Falsable (Karl Popper).  People that know me know that Ken is one of my masters and one of the most admired people on this planet for the creation of his Integral Vision and his Integral Methodology, because even though many critics have arose about his "persona" and his theory, that doesn't take the validity of all the wonderful things this man has created since more than 40 years ago when he wrote The Spectrum of Conciousness, a very recommended book to start loving him and understand him which is the same thing than to love ourselves and understand ourselves as this man writes for the heart from the heart. ¡¡¡ May be some day I will write a book about my story with him and my three trips to Denver too see him ¡¡¡.



Just a  link to learn from love listening to Ken and seeing also dear Colin Bigelow, his faithfull attendant/friend and support since 2004 at the end of the video and here with me during my frist trip to the United States to see Ken in 2005.  Afterwards I have made three more,  the fourth this past June 2011 from where you could see an interview in English or Spanish in this blog.





Ken Wilber
I herewith want to share with you a video from the Uned Spanish University (Philosophy Department) where they interview a professor of the University about Ken Wilber and his Integral Theory, appearing some parts where Ken appears as well.

I just want to share my happiness when seeing that the academical world (now the UNED University) is already starting to recognize the work of Ken Wilber in a serious, ellaborated and systematic manner as he deserves, therefore verifying that all things made by the Spanish Integral Community are now giving fruit.   More and more people are following such a wonderful leading edge thinker and other integral authors.


The only thing that I can think of every morning when I wake up in these times we're living it to put my eyes up to Heaven and give thanks, first because I'm still alive, secondly because I've slept all night long because I don't have insomnia as the 10% of the population, thirdly because no burgler broke into the house to rob me and in the fourth place because during the night no earthquake, tsunami or radioactive leak has fried me.

If the events of  11-S froze the blood and as we all say "nothing was ever the same", the earthquake of Japan, with its tsunami and its nuclear leaks included, leave us shaking and shivering ¡¡¡.  If in that terrible day of 2001 fear was in the heart and mind of the great majority of people in the world - so much so that the finantial markets lowered their dividends because of the fear and even the axis of the earth moved surely because of the energetic force of millions of minds united in a single state of horror and astonishment;  now we have gotten even further 17 cms the earth has moved to a side (not from north to south but from horizontally) that it will cause a shortening of the lenght of the days, although practically unrecognizeable.

I don't desire to seem Apocalyptic.  I just want to reflect the big change that is occurring in humanity's perception.  We are starting to look at each other with the great question mark in the forehead.  What is hapenning?? we would like to ask each other... but we don't have the guts to do it to all the extent although it is true that much more than before.  As reality overpass fictions, the present reality is giving us the permission to do it, the opportunity to start a conversation for not been alone when confronting danger (although we may not even know if there is such).  Reality is at the end presenting us with the facts of an announced transformation by many,by all ... if we look into our hearts to recognize "this could not keep on like this".

In this transformation of humanity and its doings we can observe how are not only the politicians, or the economists, the doctors or philosophers or any other title or wealth  who are changing the world.  It is the people with their (inner and outer)  net communications.  

And in the midst of all the chaos, pain and disaster, the great teaching of Zen attitude of the people from Japan is  admirable in its calmness, solidarity and naturalness. They are showing us the zen of the people as they make aligned and tranquil  cues, there are no robberies, they help each other and there is no screams or runs or hysterisms.  Japanese people keep their sufferings for themselves in order to maintain the respect intact toward the other.  We hope that we will not have to end up making a collective or individual Hara-Kiri not only for our politicians but for their own too so that they open their eyes towards the Climate Change opening direct and effective applications of sustainable solutions because that is the only reason for the natural disasters that we are having in all the planet in such a great proportion that it is showing the reaction of the earth against the terrible things we're doing to it since almost 100 years now.


I herewith share the new group, Raquel Torrent has opened in Linkedin




It is important to listen to the wise people and Koldo Aldai that for me is an informed voice in soul and heart matters, talks beautifully about what many of us think, not about Osama Bin Laden's death (may rest in peace now) but about the reaction that above all the northamerican people has had. I remember an also wise refrain (my mother used to say that "refrains are concentrated ratial experience") that says "it is not good to make fire from a fallen tree".  That's why and because I want to listen to my elders (my culture and therefore the lower left quadrant), because I do feel and express the same and because it is not natural to enjoy death -as a revange- (as this has not been like in other cultures that they rejoice with death giving it the spirital meaning based in the conciousness of an after death life and a recognition of evolution), I have the pleasure to share with you the wonderful words of Koldo.  You will be able to read them if you read Spanish in the Spanish labels of my posts.  If not it will serve you to just think about the respect for death.

RAQIUEL TORRENT JOINS "MANIFESTO" - The new movement for conciousness

I have just joined a very interesing movement that has arrived to me through a reliable friend and I have liked mostly everything that proposes in the promotional video named "Manifesto".

my attention how this young fellow, Garret, has created such a great movement in such a little time, going already around the world. And I think is so because integrates such interesting matters as Politics with Sociology and Psychology and these three with the deep Psychology with its work of the shadow and the spirituallity. In fact in this video invites to practice meditation everyday in a very nice and useful manner. This video that I'm going to share now with you, well with those ones that may understand english, although the Manifesto has subtitles in spanish so nobody stays without understanding what's this about, talks about LOVE, that one with capital letters and therefore the authentic, that always keeps on giving, without resentment,  waiting only for a smile to shine again, without doing it before, avoiding disturbance of the shadow as it is too involved in the negativitiy.

It is true that the moment of change is Now, because we have no more time, according with all the esoterical, scientifical & religious predictions.  That's why we could take the streets while we smile... from the heart .  Let's remember that phrase/feelling 
of "We are all ONE" and let's finally  live it as a reality.  It is the power of the people for the people, supported by the other big reality:  Internet and the mobiles.  


Acabo de unirme a un movimiento interesante porque me ha llegado a través de un amigo de toda confianza y me ha gustado casi todo lo que propone en el video promocional, que se llama "Manifesto".  El movimiento se llama Wayseers, lo cual me gusta mucho porque quiere deecir "Los que ven el Camino". 


First thing that I want to do is to congratulate "the winners" (expresssion that I don't like at all by the way although used by Zapatero) in order to designate those people that have obtain the majoriy of votes in these elections. I consider that the ones that win are the citizens that have voted this or that party. Those ones that have moved from the couch to go and vote expressing their opinion, in a democratic manner.  Congratulations because using that right is so far the best thing we have.  Aaaa, and also I would like to thank and congratulate the massive participation of the foreigners on this voting process because I saw that they were the highest percentage of the people present at the Orihuela Costa Town Hall (90% of the voters).
Unfortunately I couldn't vote in yesterday's electoral day.  That fact burnt me to the point of asking responsabilities at the electoral table and demand the president of the table some kind of paper to justify that they didn't let me vote and therefore be able to sue the system. I recognize my own responsibility in the fact.  I saw, once more how certain negative characteristics of my ego cause me problems that affect me and others, like yesterday.  The most superficial, that means the one that manifest in the surface is:  negligence.  Nevertheless there is always some reason for the negligent act ¿which one? :  laziness.  Laziness is the second negative characteristic that made me lose the elections (my own elections, the interior ones, those that had to do with my hapiness of belonging to a democratic country that permitted me manifest a free vote.  Such a  voting act for which so much effort and blood has been shed even previous to my existance.
The facts were as follows:
As I do live in the middle of the country and I need the car for moving around... and as I live here not long ago and I don't know the places so well yet, I thought it would be a good idea to vote through the mail system just in case they would put the electoral tables too far away from my house and in a place that I would have not known. I went to he Post Office (that yes I knew where it was) and started the process of asking to vote through the mailing system.  While I was waiting to receive the voting papers (from which I should then select the ones I wanted to vote) I received a notification of the place where my voting table was.  And it was very convenient for me, so I decided to go personally and physically vote myself  because it was even at less distance than the Post Office.

The thing is that when I tried  to put the ballot paper on the voting urn, they didn't let me because they said that me, Raquel Torrent HAD ALREADY VOTE THROUGH THE MAIL ¡¡¡ Then I said "No, I haven't, I have only asked to do it but I never returned any papers so Raquel Torrent has not  voted.  I've never selected any party or sent back my voting.  Well, I'm sorry but YOU CANNOT VOTE, was her answer.  So there I was with the silly face, a real pity in my heart and a rage in my emotions that made the President to get out of the table and make me the paper saying what she just told me.  Surely I ddn't do that to disturb her or just because I was mad but because I truly want to denouce and change a silly electoral norm because ASKING TO VOTE THROUGH THE MAIL SHOULDN'T IN ANY CASE BE TAKEN AS A VOTE UNLESS THE BALLOT PAPERS ARE SENT BACK THROUGH THE MAIL BY THE SAME PERSON THAT ASKED FOR THEM.  I didn't even received the ballot papers¡¡¡  And to whom has my vote gone??.  Very probably they count it as a NULE vote.

Well, what I've learnt above all (on top of recognizing how the laziness makes me negligent... thank God that I do did very little times ¡¡¡) is to be more CONFIDENT that everything is going to be alright and have MORE PATIENT that is without a doubt the most important lesson that I came here to learn.

By the way does any one know what could I do to start a denunciation process with the paper I have signed by the president of the table???  Because I don't think that it has to be done directly with the Police although I'm going to ask them and if they take the denunciation I may come out in the papers :-) LOL. Because I want to really make noise with this because there is a real LEGAL HOLE and very very grave ¡¡¡.


I want to share with you this beauty that I find as important as to spread it throughout the planet and women start to generate and incarnate what we have inside from the beginning of our human history... love, care and conexion with the earth.  It is very probable that if all men would commit to the same principles that in this DVD, wars would end and finally peace would be established on the world.  May be this could be the new style of government that humanity is waiting for so desperately.