viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011


Fresh from the oven the new, profound and awesome book of my good friend Jose Antonio Delgado has just come out.  He has a known trajectory in the world of individual and collective depths  (as in cults, iniciatic schools, mysteric groups, sacred fraternities).  And when I say depths is because Jose Antonio is an expert in the works of Carl. G. Jung and after study him,  made his analysis and feel his teachings in his own flesh and blood he offers those learnings as a transmutation of the magical Alchemy of his writing that not only entertain us but also teaches us. Diverse laberynths of the human soul bathe upon the sun of Conciousness. A novel where the original gnostic christianism is mixed with the most occult schools unknown to the public and to the religious current itself.   
"The Iniciate’s Brotherhood" denounces in a very rigorous manner not only scientific but also philosophical and with fine literature the use and abuse of the material world in which technology, economical grid,  crave for power and the social and environmental unconsciousness have override that which is in all of us of human, natural and divine.
I recommend therefore the reading of this IMPORTANT book because in a world of so much superficiality, a dive in the oceans of deep truths and its origins may bring a little sanity and rest to those lost souls that may then reconduct their ENERGY where it belongs to the HERE & NOW.

On top of that the Preface is written by my dear friend, the psychiatrist Maribel Rodríguez, well known college teacher, therapist and director of the Edith Stein Chair at the University of Mysticism and that also shares my passion for Ken Wilber's Integral Vision.  That is an added reason why to read this book is a luxury and a well deserved introduction to such a great work of the writer.

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Psicología Profunda y Espiritualidad dijo...

Hola Raquel!

Muchas gracias por tu excelente comentario a mi libro. Por cierto, enhorabuena por tu blog. Lo has mejorado sustancialmente.

Un fuerte abrazo

José A.


Me alegro, Jose Antonio que te guste a mejora de mi blog. No se si aún podría ser mejorado en algún punto, puesto que de seguro que hay siempre más espacio para crecer. Ahora bien, por ahora y durante un tiempito, pues está bien. Me gustaría que se activara un poco lo de debate y lo de la consulta, lo que pasa es que no sé cómo hacer para que llegue más gente al blog. Ya me lo contareís algún día. Y tu libro, pues un regalo del cielo, la verdad, lo recomiendo y lo seguiré recomendando a todo aquél que quiera saber más y mejor.

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