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FULL version of KEN WILBER's 2016 INTERVIEW by Raquel Torrent

Ken Wilber & Raquel Torrent at the loft in 2011
In the midst of convulsed times, the voice of this great man, Ken Wilber, brings an Integral vision to life's matters and difficulties and the Integral stand to the various questions (22 in fact) presented by the European Integral Community and which are both:  eternal and of the utmost actuality. 

I organized the interview for the month of October 2016, recorded it and transcribed it in the short spaces of free time I have. Then came the translation into Spanish (as I wanted to put out both versions at the same time).  All of this has taken me 7 months, but believe when I say that it's been worth it, as the result it's a faboulous piece of almost 30 pages that contains the best of Ken's wisdom as an authority on the matters he comments about.   

I've already shared Part I and Part II, which covered up to question nr. 11.  Now this new and last delivery, is the full and revised version of the interview where you can find,  not only the responses to questions 12 to 22, but  also the previous ones,  just in case someone wants to re-read these previous ones, or finds the interview for the first time. 

Please share it as much as you can and ENJOY IT as much as I enjoyed it doing it, transcribing it and translating it. 

You can find it in Drop Box as due to the extension is extremely long to post it at this blog.  Here you have the link to read it comfortably. 

Any comments or suggestions, please send them to: 

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