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INTEGRAL EUROPE - The birth of the New Application

A Group named INTEGRAL EUROPE has been extra-officially formed on Monday 19th of June of 2012.   The act lasted for a whole day and took place in the city of Berlín (Germany) with the attendance of 21 countries that are already part of this european Alliance. Countries such as Germany, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Switzerland, Ukrania and others play an active role in this desire of sharing the adventure of taking the Integral Vision to an extended application in the world at large. An Integral life, will make a better world.  This is the idea that the components of the group have.

How was it formed? 

Raquel Torrent from Spain invited Dennis Wittrock from Germany to give a Holacracy workshop in Madrid in the month of May 2012.  During that trip the interest and good disposition that had already been recognized during the IX Integral International Conference in Madrid, October 2011, regarding the proposal of creating a closeness  among countries and people that liked and embodied Integral Vision in all Europe was enhaced and confirmed.   Dennis Wittrock gave form to this dream of Raquel Torrent, organizing the one day meeting event named INTEGRAl EUROPE in Berlín.  

Which is the purpose of such a group? 

At the beginning, just the fact of getting together and know each other was a great purpose in itself. People in the group are already convinced and active in the World of Integral Consciousness. Just the experience of being together was more than enough for the start because they already have something in common personally and also something in their countries like an official Integral Association and Integral one year training, like in Spain: or have a Center for Integral Studies that teach Integral Theory during three years with a wide board of teachers, like in Hungary, or finally like those that have been a lot of time learning about Ken Wilber, practicing Integral in their lives, may be assisting to one Integral Centre of its country,  like in Belgium and Island.  

Afterwards, there will be done a selection of people from those countries and organizations in order to chose the real “integral ambassadors” from and for each country. They will be the ones that best represent the responsibility of each country regarding Integrallity. These people will become representatives of the activities that its country may do or propose and that would be taken to the Coordinating Board that would be the core Group that will be in charge of informing all country members as well as process the information adequately, so that everyone is benefited not only individually, but as a group and surely beneficial for their country.

By maintaining a clear inner coherence among the Members of  the group, we will gain such a strength that will then be ready to be used as the back bone of the Integral Europe structure.  This will give the group a strong presence and sense of European integral identity, thus being able to negotiate, ask for things and interexchanges with more developed and stable organizations such as Integral Institute as the keepers and promoters of the vision of Ken Wilber which is its main supporter, also such as the Canadiens (Integral Coaching) or Integral Australia.
As the time passes, Integral Europe has the idea of creating an Integral University (may be the name at first and if there are funds with a real building) in order to offer one of the best quality training in Integral Theory and Practice, as well as for the development of projects and researches primarily in Europe, at least in the first phase. 

Which is the present situation? Does it exist already a core group?

There are already five countries that are actively collaborating as Temporary Coordinating Board of the 21:  Germany, Spain, France, Hungary and Holland. They are already visible in the social networks like Facebook and Google.

In a second phase, the group is planning to officially develop a legal and official form to give social and political recognition of this “Joint Venture” that has emerged with such spontaneity and willingness.

Raquel Torrent
Psychologist - Therapist
Integral Spain 

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