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COLIN BIGELOW (Personal assistant to Ken Wilber) in a unique and single course in Madrid-Spain with Geneviéve Khemtemourian in May 9 and 10th, 2015

Colin Bigelow


I do have the great pleasure to introduce Colin Bigelow (personal assistant to Ken Wilber), coming from the United States, as the teacher of the awesome workshop that he will impart in MADRID,SPAIN on May 9th and 10th together with Geneviéve Khemtemourian, Sacred Dances's teacher, coming from Paris. THIS WILL BE A SINGLE WEEK END, at least in 2015 and 2016, so be very aware to make a quick registration as the seats are limited. Please contact me.  Details below. 

Hello.  My name is Colin Bigelow and I am a Citizen of Humanity.  This is an identity I have claimed, and I believe you should claim this identity as well.  In fact, I believe you must. 

Since 2002, I have worked very closely with the world-renowned philosopher Ken Wilber, who in the eyes of many experts is an unparalleled genius of theoretical modeling, insight, and creativity.  Ken is credited with creating the first genuine “theory of everything” capable of honoring and integrating all known forms of knowledge, from science to religion to art to ecology, from the dawn of humankind to the leading-edge breakthroughs of today.  This “theory of everything” is known as Integral Theory, the Integral Model, or the Integral Approach.

During my time with Ken, I have deeply contemplated the significance of the Integral Model to the future of humankind.  Specifically, I have focused on the moral significance of the fact that humankind now possesses a truly whole and holistic map of the Kosmos.  Upon initially encountering the Integral Model, many people, including myself, have the same recognition: the Integral Approach is the only theory to date upon which a truly global civilization—of universal peace and universal human rights—could be built.  I believe that since the Integral Model means we can build a global civilization, then morally we must do so—to not do so it to choose to leave the world broken, fragmented, and hurting.  Thanks to Ken, we have the theoretical framework necessary to build a global civilization, and that’s the all-important, irreplaceable first step.  But if your goal is explicitly to build a global civilization, what is the next step?

After a dozen years of intense inquiry, I have come to the conclusion that the next step is creating, energizing, and disseminating a global identity that every person on earth can find a meaningful way to participate in.  In itself, this is not a new idea, and the term global citizen has been around for some time now.  The idea of being a global citizen has had some popular appeal, and there has been a moral dimension to it, but that term has largely come to denote a class of individuals not at all representative of humankind as a whole.  At present, being a global citizen has more to do with having the financial means to regularly travel internationally, than with actually participating in a global identity.

The term I have settled on to represent a truly global identity is Citizen of Humanity.  Within normal usage, the term citizen denotes a legal status between an individual and a nation-state.  Citizens of nation-states are legally guaranteed rights by that nation, and in return those citizens are legally required to fulfill certain responsibilities.  It is this emphasis on both rights and responsibilities contained in the word citizen that lead me to choose the term Citizen of Humanity.  As we all know, no transnational legal entity presently exists that has the authority to recognize people as citizens, and so I am using the term “Citizen of Humanity” not in a legal capacity, but in a moral capacity.  I am using the term Citizen of Humanity to encourage all people within the community of humankind to assert their basic human rights, and to accept their basic human responsibilities, because that is the moral thing to do. 

In my heart of hearts, I believe that because humankind now has the Integral Model, we can begin to consciously and intentionally create a global civilization of universal peace and universal human rights.  And in my heart of hearts, I believe that if we can begin, then we must.  Perhaps humankind would get around to building a true global civilization in two or three hundred years, if left to go at its own speed.  Maybe humankind would evolve into a global civilization in two or three hundred years, and maybe we’d have a couple World Wars and we’d spiral into a form of division so intense we couldn’t even remember the feeling that true global unity was a possibility.  Whatever legitimate problems we have today, and they are real and they are intense, I fully believe they can be overcome on the path to a genuine global civilization.  I actually believe that now is the ideal time to begin to consciously, intentionally build a world culture and global civilization


Geneviéve Khemtemourian

 Resource person from the Findhorn Foundation, is the original creator of many Sacred Dances and Choreographies of the Bach Flowers, the Enneagram and several Traditional Dances, always extracting the most significant gestures, movements and rhytms. 


 A great sage of the wisdom of the body, she facilitates many workshops all around the world, and uses her dances like a way to develop more consciousness in human beings.  Therefore, she sees in her work the tool for Personal and Collective Development.

She, herself, tells us: 

Humanity is now looking for a more meaningfull life.


The Sacred Dances respond to this need for recovering the ritual and more sacred dimensión of human beings, through rhythms, music and movement.


We find ourselves and others through the discovery of the essential, in every gesture of the dance, recuperating the universal and spiritual consciousness of reality. This finding brings more happiness, harmony and balance to humanity what it makes these Sacred Dances a useful tool for the alignment and integration with the body and soul.


The Dances are simple and very accesible as there is no need for previous knowledge of music, dance or experience with them. Whatever you feel, discover and experience it's far more important tan the technique ¡¡

MAY 9TH &  10TH
Raquel Torrent:  raqueltorrent@raqueltorrent.es 
34+6227783695    &   34+918846340
PRICE:  260 Euros By transfer. 

Please contact for IBAN



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