sábado, 2 de mayo de 2020


 Our grandparents in my country, Spain, used to tell us: "learning requires blood" when trying to teach us that without putting strong work and great effort there was not any good learning.  It is more or less an equivalent to the English expression "spare the rod and spoil the child". 

Today, and in the midst of the confinement for the terrible infections and deaths caused by the COVID-19, we are facing a reality that just one year ago would have been improbable to even think about.  Many may see this difficult situation as a punishment for humanity's mistakes as it seems that we don't learn the lesson.  Once more the learning is presented to us through blood, sweat and tears showing the ugly face of a declared Pandemic that brings death, collective psychosis, maintained unconsciousness and apocalyptic atmosphere. All of these being nurtured and amplified by the controversial issue of the virus origin and unknown activity as well as the massive use of  communicational technology that more than ever is being used for all kinds of conflictive opinions and disruptive messages, including "fake news" that only pretend to create a state of panic and continuous alarm in the world population. 

There are other ways to look at this reality that could shed some light into the lesson at hand, because without a doubt we're going to be learning something when this is over.  Each one will learn something different within themselves and collectively something spring as a novelty because nobody knows how and what would it be. The most pessimistic think that nothing will change in the large scale, defending their negative opinion about the human race that will keep on doing the same old things when we get out of this lockout system.  The optimistic pretend to see a change already based in the very positive human attitudes and reactions that governments and citizens are having regarding solidarity and appreciation and gratitude for all workers that are sustaining us in many areas of life, being surely the most outstanding:  the medical professionals.

I see myself more in this latter position as the enthusiastic, spiritual and lively woman that I am, tending to see the glass half full instead of half empty. But the truth is that there is a scientific side to me that puts a question mark to all my positive desires and proposed transpersonal intuitions. In this case my integral equanimity brings me to a centered position where I observe what I know,  what is my wish and which are my perceptions and at the same time what is this reality in which we're immersed that is that "we don't know anything for good". 

Going out of such an aligned position -because if I don't go out I will just maintain silence in the loving meditative state-  I will adopt a positive stand from the clear side of the moon in order to put my grain of sand, shed some personal light onto the matter and thus transmit my five cents as a contribution to the great tapestry that we're most of us creating with our varied offers in this given pregnant momentum.

Which is the lesson that Humanity has to learn and that seems that human beings stubbornly don't get?

We could enter into Esoterism to obtain some information about certain parts of Numerology and Kabala that would tell us -among other interesting things- the deep meaning of the Hebrew letters for COVID as well as the meaning of the number 19 and its addition as a powerful karmic number.  But we are not going to enter into this, although I invite you -if you have the time, motivation and curiosity- to look for the cited significance and its potential wisdom.  I prefer for now to treat other more social, historic and even scientific themes so that most of you may relate with the facts and comprehend the dimension of what I will reflect upon if you want to accompany me.

Humanity has greatly progressed from the "homo habilis" to the man on the moon and beyond:  internet, videoconferences, smartphones and all the technological revolution of the XX and XXI century, without forgetting the important discoveries and advancements in the fields of Medicine, Physics, Engineering, Electronics, Neuroscience, Genetics and why not Psychology and Sociology.  But has all that progress made us evolve1 as species? Are we really more forbearing, understanding, conscious, caring and loving human beings? Have we advance in the development of useful values that boost life and co-existence?  Have we opened up to diversity? Have we really provided room in our Post-Modern society for the development of Consciousness? Are we doing something to definitively soothe the hunger, medical state and shelter of the needy?  Are we alleviating for good the suffering of immigrants that do not live but just survive?  When are we going to understand that money is only paper and at the same time that we could all reset our economic debts and start from "0"? When are we going to be ready to improve  relationships as countries and human beings in the same planet that travels along the Solar System?  Do we already comprehend that the authentic richness is of another magnitude,  very far away from unneccesary things or mere consumism?  Are we able to take time to see a child's deep look, the appearance of a flower in the middle of a concrete pavement or the fact that our liver functions wonderfully?  Can we recognize the heart pumping blood without a break as a miracle? What horrible misfortune has yet to happen in order to open our eyes to what really matters?

1 .  Evolution understood as development of Consciousness
Unfortunately the response to these questions give a negative balance for the
human race.  May be some voices will raise over the roar assuring that their Association, Corporation or group is doing all of that already: progressing and evolving at the same time.  Then, I will tell them -as we very well know- that they are among the very little of the world that do so, a merely 5% . These voices are very few if we understand evolution as personal improvement, social cooperation, transpersonal and value's consciousness as well as investigation and development of human qualities and capacities integral politics and new discoveries put to the service of others. We know about these evolutionary probabilities but we don't have much experience as we don't put them in practice. 

The great majority of human beings are still defending their piece of land, religion, race or political wing… they defend their point of view without wanting to really listen or take in account the point of view of others as the only belief and desire is to be right.  Moreover, in many cases they defend their stand with such methods that the even Cromagnon's men would perceive as extreme: violence, hate, judgment, slander and fragmentation. This happens in family life, work environments and also as intestine fights among Governments of the whole world.  We can see very clearly how progress: Yes, evolution, No. That's why we all lose. Every human being receives such a negative energy over and over again because is surrounded by this unconscious reality that "nobody wins" in any area of life.  Even the ones that may seem to be the cream of the crop are very unhappy whenever they're alone in their crystal towers. Neuroscience and Epigenetics say that the human brain has been wired in such a negative way from infancy as the learning process is based in NO, and in continuous limitation of actions and expressions. Once more, we progress but don't evolve.  Evolution comes from the responsible re-wiring toward what is more useful for the many in the biggest quantity of areas of collective life. And that is not happening.  If progress doesn't come united with evolution we are doomed to destruction (moral, emotional, mental, spiritual… and as we're seen physical).

We have examples of those human created destructions in the devastating lists of non-natural disasters at the level of individuals:  frustration, depression, anxiety, despair, fear, isolations, stress;  and at a broader stand:  famines, street violence, terrorism, drugs' wars,  without forgetting the great disasters created by our own "progress" and for which we're directly responsible: plastic isles, nuclear accidents, toxic spills, greenhouse effect, black tides or the Darvaza pit or "door to hell" in Turkmenistan that keeps on burning since 1971, to cite only a few.  

Human beings (and the animals and plants tha co-exist with us) have also been victims of natural disasters like earth-quakes, plagues, tsunamis, tornados, floods, volcanoes' eruptions, etc)… and we keep on non learning the lesson. Einstein used to say "there are two ways of living. One in which nothing is a miracle or another in which everything is a miracle".  What do you chose after reading all of the above? What do you think that Humanity has chosen from that Einstein binomial?  Instead of seeing life as miraculous and learn the lesson of unity, solidarity and cooperation with a few natural disasters ( not only for the construction of better and taller walls, buildings or external shelters but also for the construction of an inner home that is clearly bombproof and negativityproof because is the real self identity) we've opted  for not only suffer the natural disasters but create them ourselves (not only inwardly in our hearts and minds but also externally in our human facilities). Without a doubt that is due to our disintegrated advancement (progress without evolution) from which we're seeing the consequences now in this terrible pandemic as they're saying now that it's been manmade.

Despite all of the above I'm very proud or my fellow beings, this Humanity to which I belong as it is also very true that we've created marvelous things that fill the wisest encyclopedias.  We've traversed History developing and forging unthinkable devices, services or medical discoveries that still leave us stunned!!! And yet, we have not still conquered the learning of "inner development", integrated wisdom and transpersonal bliss in a collective manner, in that critic mass number that would tilt the balance toward a real development of higher consciousness. I know that this is utopian and unrealistic because as Ken Wilber says "there will always be babies and adolescents" but didn't I say that I was going to go out of the alignment with the integral stand of meditative silence? Taking the position of the utopian I can dream that we can achieve this tilting toward the positive so that the "evolutionary" line would reach the same level than that of  "progress" and from then on start to go parallel like the train rails.

Now with this COVID-19 situation, we have the opportunity to find ourselves, to crown the top of our ego to go beyond and face our own inner reality piercing the mirror.  Let's reflect on the crown shape of this elusive virus to show us that each of us are the queens and kings of our own existence.  That we can reign in our own beautiful kingdom which is our own life. Those which have been crowned by death know it already as well as those which are sick whenever go back to health. Let's do the same. Let's open our eyes to this master lesson of 2020 without the need of been infected or close to die.  Let's quicken the learning as if there would be the last warning although we may think (because that has been the case up to now) that we can always have another opportunity and another … and still another. But isn't there a limit?

The fact of staying at home, if we're responsible may favor this inner look, as being "obliged" to stop the crazy race to nobody knows where it gives us the chance to turn the eyes of the heart and the spirit to what really matters: the divine and human values. 

Likewise, this coronavirus state of affairs opens up the time-space dimension (using the terminology of Quantum Physics) in order to crown us with evolutionary consciousness and stop seeing the positive as "pink", "corny", "fool", or even politically incorrect, being able to recognize that Love is not something created by us as neither is Light or Electricity (we may only see and enjoy their effects).  This  unique nature of Love is the "event" itself, "the singularity"… the true Humanity's horizon, that we're called to trespass -no matter how afraid we are-, precisely because is unknown and never previously experienced by Humanity at large !!!  We have never undergo as human race (with all the beauty of biodiversity) what would it happen if everyone -without exception- would chose to love ourselves and others knowing and recognizing   the light and electricity that we produce when we get together, embrace, touch, kiss, make love. Love which is life in all its manifestations is the pure God's orgasm and we're missing it when we only look outside.

Non duality is scary because is unknown.  Living in Grace and the joy of the Spirit (where the human and the divine are the same thing in the eyes of Love would give us the crown of life, the authentic existence of our real identity (with the shedding of all its qualities).  Epicurus said in the 3rd century BC "Happiness is the absence of pain and fear".  Therefore, stay at home: yes. Follow all sanitary recommendations: yes.  Let's pray and help the infected and also pray for those that already left us: yes.  Let's appreciate all health workers, all researchers that help with finding a vaccine or a treatment; all ambulance, transportation and basic service's workers as well as the politicians that are facing one of the worst situations lived in our generation, the boomers and our children and grandchildren.  All of that:  yes !!! But following with Epicuro, let's not fear death, as it is the only sure and inevitable thing that human beings share. And even though it may be in a paradoxical and tragic manner we may see Death as a mode of lack of pain and fear as whenever we die we will be without any of those human manifestations. The good news is that if we learn to live with this consciousness of death as a real companion of life, maintaining it metaphorically in our right -as the Buddhist say- when the crucial moment arrives we will enter into the final dream in a placid manner, giving up this wonderful body that we have been in this earth in order to come back -light travelling- toward the Energy from where we departed.   

Thank you for having bared with me up to here, following these reflections that I've been impelled to share with you in these magic moments of our "joint history".  I'm very aware that it is not the first time that we've lived a worlwide pandemic as such and at the same time it is the very first time that the communication skills of our present human society is humongous.  We're fully connected. Smart phones and Internet have given us the potentiality of being an interconnected world !!! It's  the first time that there is a unique common pulse -even though is from a negative cause- , a real togetherness in the beat of the inevitable.  Now we're feeling the same floor under our feet (our dear planet earth)… as now yes… we're feeling that we're in the same boat,.. suffering the consequences of being all in it. We're wobbling back and forth in the midst of the storm, not knowing when or how is going to end.  The wisdom trick is to know that the storm will eventually stop, and when it subsides, it's very probable that we may have learnt the lesson -if only to get a pass-.  I hope so,  and that's why I raise a prayer for all our dear Humanity.