viernes, 3 de julio de 2020


I'm as active as ever in all levels of my existence: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It is curious that in the midst of uncertainty I'm more and more certain of  the highest and deepest desire of my heart and soul which it is to keep engaged and active in the wake up call that we're traversing and that is inviting us to  "Service in Action" !!!
The only negative spot that I find in the experience of all this frenetic every day attendance to "some event" of the "utmost importance" for the world and for Humanity is,   that everything gets soooo grand and radically urgent and therefore important that ...YES... I do think very globally, but I get stuck when going local.  
In my country, Spain, if I go to most of the relationships in the lower right quadrants with any type of proposal of the kind that I'm hearing in the wonderful "global events" to which I'm attending,  the least that it could happen is that they smile politely and nothing happens and I'm in the lower right situation then I get another minute of attention when they get my proposal in the paper basket after leaving their office. It is extremely difficult (or at least I do not know how to do it) to get a real impact for change, I suppose that not only here but elsewhere.  And when I talk about impact, I'm talking about getting up to the level of getting governments to steer their movement toward a higher state of positive and useful actions.  The level of consciousness I find in most of the politicians of the world (and I'm soooo sorry to say this)  is the level of a Primary School class,  accusing and even insulting one another, always looking for the defense of their own agenda and beliefs, losing their and our time in never ending non-dialogical debates instead of facing the real important and excruciating matters that the present "storm of crisis" are bringing:  Coronavirus pandemic, Climate Change, Economic,  Social and Political crisis.
Thus, after attending all these fabulous global events of  well informed, inspiring and experienced individuals with great curriculums and heroic actions and results,  I end up with  the strange  sensation of  "coitus interruptus", feeling that we're performing a massive intellectual collective masturbation in order to feel that we're doing "something", as we do not have any idea to  where ALL may take us and much more less when.  And moreover we're doing all this with the frantic belief (oh, yes based on facts !!!) that we do not have time to perform in a calm or slow motion manner -to at least have some pleasure- but  on the contrary speeding up because the truth is that MOTHER EARTH is coming as it seems that is not approving what her children have been doing !!!
And then .... in the midst of all this "apparent movement" (and I will call it apparent until I see at least five important countries taking real serious measurements to counteract what we're traversing) …  I enter into deep meditation...and finally have some REAL ACTION !!!
Don't get me wrong, I loooove attending these events and hearing all these wonderful people, but the truth is that I'm overwhelmed as I would like to become activists of everything, supporting everyone !!! I finally end up doing nothing because when I  subscribe the result is another meeting online which makes me feel ( in this low level from which I'm speaking right now) like a monkey jumping from one vine to the other !!!
And then, again, ...I enter into deep meditation.... and focus on the things that I DO ( small little things to take care of myself and others) and I abide  in such a peace of mind and my soul finally rests !!!

Whenever there is something more that I could do and that would be for me to do...., I will know and THEN I will do it.  Meanwhile .... "peace, be still. !!!

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