domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011


As I won't stop to be in construction, as I construct reality day by day with the bricks of what my own perception makes with the things that occur to me (as I know everybody does), let's say that what I want to comment is what has already happened in my present life.  

I've come to live in an area of Alicante where finally Nature is close because I see it, I smell it and I feel it.

Now starts my new walk around the shops and establishments (academical and non accademical) to distribute my publicity that with such a dediction and care I've created in order to offer my knowledge and expertise, my intuitions and resources in the form of translation of scientifical, comercial and accademical  texts as well as interpretation services for business or personal meetings, congresses or conferences, as I can do it simultaneously, consecutively or whispering.  I also offer integral individual, group or couple therapy, as well as ontological coaching or transpersonal guidance that I myself  have experienced during many years.  I offer silence to find the body, the emotions, the mind and the soul in the form of personal and professional development courses, meditation groups, body work (yoga, tai-chi, biodance, body expression, eutony), emotional unblocking and cognitive reestructuration because working with Conciousness is to create silence within the cells in order to be able to connect with the gene of peace in each level and line of expression. ¡Ahh, and I even sing and recite poems¡

 The novelty in all this, as wide as the offer may seem is that now I also make therapy through Internet or like the fashion calls it "On-Line Therapy" as it is important to be updated with the new technologies.  I myself am surprised because even though I have more than 20 years experience in therapeutical work I never thought that a machine could offer such a good service.  The camera, the sound and the good disposition of both parties that desire such a type of encounter make that the result be optimal.  I even have consultancy with people in Dubai and Switzerland ¡¡¡.  If anyone want to try it please connect.
Life is a wonderful and unique experience so let's keep it up ¡¡¡

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