domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011


In 2008 the book "The Secret" became a worldwide best-seller because it was telling us how to be happier, better and also how to be more successfull in life.  And all that in a very clear, amusing and convincing manner. The book itself was not a great book neither was a deep or very well written book.  Only for the people of the New Era was considered almost as sacred.  The thruth is that it went around the world and changed the life of many. 

Now Simone Segal gives us the Gift of reading his fluent and simple wisdom to carry life in a more positive manner.  Her thoughts are deep yet easy to understand and easy to follow in its kind pace and rythm.  I met Simone in a very coincidental manner as the most sacred things happen just one year ago, and we've become the best friends now, as her beauty of heart and great soul make of her a poem of her own.

Although I had red the Secret and was not impressed at all, yes there was an interest for the "law of attraction" which the Secret was claiming to introduce (whenever it was older than eating).  The thing is that  the book of Simone (based on the law of attractions) served me as a simple balsam and push toward  the well-being during the first three difficult months of my moving here to this area.  Her fluent and inspired writing, her wide knowledge about the proposed themes of the 40 poems of the book did served me as a real daily boost as I got used to read 3 or 4 poems every morning with my breakfast like if it would be (and it was) a real nourishment for the soul.  Therefore for all you that may read english or would like to learn the language, i don't see any better way than buying this fantastic book "The Gift" with the subtitle "If only you knew" from Simone Seagal.  I herewith leave you its link so you can start glimpsing a little bit of his work  as I do highly recommended precisely for its inocence, freshness and simpleness; qualities that go directly to the heart and soul of the reader.   


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