domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011


The only thing that I can think of every morning when I wake up in these times we're living it to put my eyes up to Heaven and give thanks, first because I'm still alive, secondly because I've slept all night long because I don't have insomnia as the 10% of the population, thirdly because no burgler broke into the house to rob me and in the fourth place because during the night no earthquake, tsunami or radioactive leak has fried me.

If the events of  11-S froze the blood and as we all say "nothing was ever the same", the earthquake of Japan, with its tsunami and its nuclear leaks included, leave us shaking and shivering ¡¡¡.  If in that terrible day of 2001 fear was in the heart and mind of the great majority of people in the world - so much so that the finantial markets lowered their dividends because of the fear and even the axis of the earth moved surely because of the energetic force of millions of minds united in a single state of horror and astonishment;  now we have gotten even further 17 cms the earth has moved to a side (not from north to south but from horizontally) that it will cause a shortening of the lenght of the days, although practically unrecognizeable.

I don't desire to seem Apocalyptic.  I just want to reflect the big change that is occurring in humanity's perception.  We are starting to look at each other with the great question mark in the forehead.  What is hapenning?? we would like to ask each other... but we don't have the guts to do it to all the extent although it is true that much more than before.  As reality overpass fictions, the present reality is giving us the permission to do it, the opportunity to start a conversation for not been alone when confronting danger (although we may not even know if there is such).  Reality is at the end presenting us with the facts of an announced transformation by many,by all ... if we look into our hearts to recognize "this could not keep on like this".

In this transformation of humanity and its doings we can observe how are not only the politicians, or the economists, the doctors or philosophers or any other title or wealth  who are changing the world.  It is the people with their (inner and outer)  net communications.  

And in the midst of all the chaos, pain and disaster, the great teaching of Zen attitude of the people from Japan is  admirable in its calmness, solidarity and naturalness. They are showing us the zen of the people as they make aligned and tranquil  cues, there are no robberies, they help each other and there is no screams or runs or hysterisms.  Japanese people keep their sufferings for themselves in order to maintain the respect intact toward the other.  We hope that we will not have to end up making a collective or individual Hara-Kiri not only for our politicians but for their own too so that they open their eyes towards the Climate Change opening direct and effective applications of sustainable solutions because that is the only reason for the natural disasters that we are having in all the planet in such a great proportion that it is showing the reaction of the earth against the terrible things we're doing to it since almost 100 years now.

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