domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011


First thing that I want to do is to congratulate "the winners" (expresssion that I don't like at all by the way although used by Zapatero) in order to designate those people that have obtain the majoriy of votes in these elections. I consider that the ones that win are the citizens that have voted this or that party. Those ones that have moved from the couch to go and vote expressing their opinion, in a democratic manner.  Congratulations because using that right is so far the best thing we have.  Aaaa, and also I would like to thank and congratulate the massive participation of the foreigners on this voting process because I saw that they were the highest percentage of the people present at the Orihuela Costa Town Hall (90% of the voters).
Unfortunately I couldn't vote in yesterday's electoral day.  That fact burnt me to the point of asking responsabilities at the electoral table and demand the president of the table some kind of paper to justify that they didn't let me vote and therefore be able to sue the system. I recognize my own responsibility in the fact.  I saw, once more how certain negative characteristics of my ego cause me problems that affect me and others, like yesterday.  The most superficial, that means the one that manifest in the surface is:  negligence.  Nevertheless there is always some reason for the negligent act ¿which one? :  laziness.  Laziness is the second negative characteristic that made me lose the elections (my own elections, the interior ones, those that had to do with my hapiness of belonging to a democratic country that permitted me manifest a free vote.  Such a  voting act for which so much effort and blood has been shed even previous to my existance.
The facts were as follows:
As I do live in the middle of the country and I need the car for moving around... and as I live here not long ago and I don't know the places so well yet, I thought it would be a good idea to vote through the mail system just in case they would put the electoral tables too far away from my house and in a place that I would have not known. I went to he Post Office (that yes I knew where it was) and started the process of asking to vote through the mailing system.  While I was waiting to receive the voting papers (from which I should then select the ones I wanted to vote) I received a notification of the place where my voting table was.  And it was very convenient for me, so I decided to go personally and physically vote myself  because it was even at less distance than the Post Office.

The thing is that when I tried  to put the ballot paper on the voting urn, they didn't let me because they said that me, Raquel Torrent HAD ALREADY VOTE THROUGH THE MAIL ¡¡¡ Then I said "No, I haven't, I have only asked to do it but I never returned any papers so Raquel Torrent has not  voted.  I've never selected any party or sent back my voting.  Well, I'm sorry but YOU CANNOT VOTE, was her answer.  So there I was with the silly face, a real pity in my heart and a rage in my emotions that made the President to get out of the table and make me the paper saying what she just told me.  Surely I ddn't do that to disturb her or just because I was mad but because I truly want to denouce and change a silly electoral norm because ASKING TO VOTE THROUGH THE MAIL SHOULDN'T IN ANY CASE BE TAKEN AS A VOTE UNLESS THE BALLOT PAPERS ARE SENT BACK THROUGH THE MAIL BY THE SAME PERSON THAT ASKED FOR THEM.  I didn't even received the ballot papers¡¡¡  And to whom has my vote gone??.  Very probably they count it as a NULE vote.

Well, what I've learnt above all (on top of recognizing how the laziness makes me negligent... thank God that I do did very little times ¡¡¡) is to be more CONFIDENT that everything is going to be alright and have MORE PATIENT that is without a doubt the most important lesson that I came here to learn.

By the way does any one know what could I do to start a denunciation process with the paper I have signed by the president of the table???  Because I don't think that it has to be done directly with the Police although I'm going to ask them and if they take the denunciation I may come out in the papers :-) LOL. Because I want to really make noise with this because there is a real LEGAL HOLE and very very grave ¡¡¡.

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