domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011

RAQIUEL TORRENT JOINS "MANIFESTO" - The new movement for conciousness

I have just joined a very interesing movement that has arrived to me through a reliable friend and I have liked mostly everything that proposes in the promotional video named "Manifesto".

my attention how this young fellow, Garret, has created such a great movement in such a little time, going already around the world. And I think is so because integrates such interesting matters as Politics with Sociology and Psychology and these three with the deep Psychology with its work of the shadow and the spirituallity. In fact in this video invites to practice meditation everyday in a very nice and useful manner. This video that I'm going to share now with you, well with those ones that may understand english, although the Manifesto has subtitles in spanish so nobody stays without understanding what's this about, talks about LOVE, that one with capital letters and therefore the authentic, that always keeps on giving, without resentment,  waiting only for a smile to shine again, without doing it before, avoiding disturbance of the shadow as it is too involved in the negativitiy.

It is true that the moment of change is Now, because we have no more time, according with all the esoterical, scientifical & religious predictions.  That's why we could take the streets while we smile... from the heart .  Let's remember that phrase/feelling 
of "We are all ONE" and let's finally  live it as a reality.  It is the power of the people for the people, supported by the other big reality:  Internet and the mobiles.  

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