domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011



It is important to listen to the wise people and Koldo Aldai that for me is an informed voice in soul and heart matters, talks beautifully about what many of us think, not about Osama Bin Laden's death (may rest in peace now) but about the reaction that above all the northamerican people has had. I remember an also wise refrain (my mother used to say that "refrains are concentrated ratial experience") that says "it is not good to make fire from a fallen tree".  That's why and because I want to listen to my elders (my culture and therefore the lower left quadrant), because I do feel and express the same and because it is not natural to enjoy death -as a revange- (as this has not been like in other cultures that they rejoice with death giving it the spirital meaning based in the conciousness of an after death life and a recognition of evolution), I have the pleasure to share with you the wonderful words of Koldo.  You will be able to read them if you read Spanish in the Spanish labels of my posts.  If not it will serve you to just think about the respect for death.

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